Customer Experience

Customer experience is the key ingredient for a long lasting relationship. Insights driven spending pays the way to nurture and acquire customers while employing advanced forecasting techniques and Life Time Value Analysis to your advantage.

Fraud Detection

Identify fraud from organized rings to opportunistic fraud. Prevent fraudulent activities, detect fraud early and aggressively manage fraud cases by successfully employing advanced analytic techniques that include Predictive Modeling/Text Mining & Link Analysis.


Churn Prevention

Customer retention plays a even more pivotal role than ever. Understanding customer behaviors and likelihood to switch is key to any retention campaign. Identifying patterns and retaining customers in a timely manner can provide huge savings than acquiring.

Bandwidth Optimization

More accurate capital and operational expenditure planning based on improved understanding of asset performance and future customer demand.


Patient 360

Build a robust single view of the patients and use consolidated profile to treat them with great personalized care and experience. Employ insights to differentiate and earn respect of being an exceptional patient care provider.


Risk & Compliance

Constantly changing regulations and policies often mire healthcare industry players with stringent rules to play and operate. With increased volume, rapid blending of data is needed so that Compliance officers can get relevant data for on-time regulatory reporting


Smart Meter Analytics

Make efficient energy buying decisions based on the usage patterns, 2) launching energy efficiency or energy rebate programs 3) energy theft detection, 4) comparing and correcting metering service provider performance, and 5) detecting and reducing unbilled energy

Predictive Maintenance

Leveraging the power of Predictive Analytics Organizations can

  • Reduce downtime: Predictive models help avoid major defects, prevent long downtimes and address potential performance issues before they escalate.